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Traditional  japanese  taste

Shigue, a taste of Japan in Sao Paulo

A food which nourishes body and soul, this is Shigue's proposal, to offer traditional Japanese dishes as sushi and sashimi and also those which rescue the everyday culinary made by the "obatians" (grandmothers, in Japanese.


A healthy nourishment with rice, fish, vegetables and noodles seasoned with "shoyu" or "missô", sauces based on fermented soybeans.


Many of Shigue's patrons are "isseis" (first generation Japanese, born in Japan) who work for Japanese companies or who live with their families in the neighborhood of the restaurant, who demanded the inclusion of dishes as "Oyakodon", a mix of rice, chicken and eggs, or the "Karê" (boiled vegetables and beef prepared with Japanese curry, served with rice).


Shigue prepares dishes which awakens agreeable sensations as well as suggest well being in a comfortable ambience, in two floors of a corner house between streets Sampaio Viana and Coronel Oscar Porto, where clients shall always be received with Irashaimassê, the traditional Japanese expression of "be welcome".


Chef Armando and Enilva Hata

A restaurant as if it were a home to receive friends, this was Enilva Hata and Armando Hata’s dream. Before Shigue, for over 12 years Enilva worked for Suntory, a landmark japanese restaurant in Sao Paulo’s gastronomy.


Chef Armando Hata, was introduced to the art of cooking by chef Hirakawa, from the Ai restaurant and worked at the renowned Koyama (formerly Semba) and Sea House, besides a period of two years in Japan, in the city of Okazaki.


Today, Shigue is a meeting point of executives and familes, who goes to lunch and dine, talk, exchange their histories and even make suggestions of the menu's dishes.


Mainly, they arrive to satisfy their appetites with the mixes of sushi and sashimi; the Shigue Teishoku, served in an elegant lacquer box containing sashimi, grilled anchovy, tempura, guioza and sunomono (sweet and sour cucumber), rice, missoshiru and tsukemono; or to drink and eat a simple oniguiri, a rice dumpling filled with salmon or with umeboshi or katsuobishi (scrapings of dried fish).


LUNCH: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

DINNER: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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